Integrate Your Physical Stores and Online Shop

Two-Way Sync: Real-time, two-way synchronization between ThankYouPOS and your online store. Why it's Beneficial: Ensures consistency of product information and stock levels between your physical stores and online shop.

Bulk Import/Export: Easily import or export products, categories, and attributes between NexoPOS and WooCommerce. Why it's Beneficial: Reduces manual effort and risk of data entry errors, saving you time and money.

Order Sync

Customer Sync

Realtime Updates

Realtime Updates

Manage all Orders, Customer Information, Inventory Updates

Real-Time Inventory Updates and More
Real-Time Inventory
  • Description: Inventory levels are automatically updated in both systems when a sale is made either online or in-store.
  • Why it’s Beneficial: Prevents over-selling and stock-outs, leading to a better customer experience.
Payment Reconciliation:
  • Description: Track all transactions, including payments and refunds, in one place.
  • Why it’s Beneficial: Facilitates easier accounting and financial oversight.
Shipping Management:
  • Description: Sync shipping information and status between Online Store and ThankYouPOS.
  • Why it’s Beneficial: Allows for more efficient logistics planning and execution.