Perfect Cafe Restaurant Management

M This module aims small cafe, restaurant with a quick workflow and large restaurant that requires to have a better follow-up on how the orders are placed and how their customers are satisfied.

This module allows you to create areas as tables. This gives you an overview on how your tables and the orders that are placed on them. Orders placed on the table are likely to be customized by the waiter. This one can : Cancel a meal, Add new note to a meal, Mark the meal as served. Modifiers are customizations that are allowed for specific meals. These modifiers are grouped for a better organization. Modifiers can support quantity and act as a product. It's then possible to assign an inventory to the modifiers.

Table Manage

Kitchen Screen

Modifier Group

Kitchen screen

From the kitchen screen, orders that are placed by the waiters can be monitored and managed. For example, the chef can :

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