Employee Time Check

$10.00 every month

Employee Time Check



  • Supports Overtime
  • Multiple Time Clock Layouts
  • Manual Timesheet Entry (Months/Weeks)
  • Employee and Mangers Profile
  • Add your own custom roles for time clock access
  • Simple/Advanced Shift Reports
  • Includes Manager/Employee/Volunteer/Contractor profiles
  • Export Shifts to Spreadsheet/CSV
  • Styles and Scripts Minified for Speed and Efficiency
  • Manage Wages
  • Supports Shift History
  • Supports Dynamic and Static Time Zones
  • Monthly/Yearly Charts
  • Compatible with Quickbooks
  • Supports Unlimited Clock in Locations
  • Supports Google Analytics
  • Supports Employee IP Address and GPS Tracking (includes tracking map)
  • Imports/Export Shifts, Locations, and more for backups and migration
  • Includes Time Clock Widget
  • Custom Error Log
  • Enforce shift edit approvals
  • Brake Time


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